Friday, May 27, 2011

Hey im not sure what im gonna use this for yet but well see xD

anyway im a huge anime fan or if u prefer Nerd xD but im also a animal lover , im pretty artistic and creative. i draw anime mostly xD and write mostly fan fictions but i will have rare momment when i create my own story line and story base xD im pretty much a random person, if i post more you will pretty much find out. people tend to say my mind works completely differnt then most peoples xD and im pretty damn werid. but if you get to know me and my sarcastic side you might like me :) i was maybe thinking about posting some fan fictions but im a pretty shy person and im pretty sensetive to what people say about me, so im not sure if that such a great idea. i might post some artwork as well or maybe i could share some animal fun xD im not sure yet, a friend of mine suggested id try this and im not really sure how it works so if u have any ideas on what i should post on this or anything please let me know :)